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How to take screenshots in different mobile platforms

Maemo OS2007 and OS2008 (Nokia Internet Tablets: n800-n810)
Search for Load-Applet in the Application Manager or navigate to this page using your tablet: To take screenshots, tap on the Load-Applet icon in the status bar and tap "Take screenshot".

Windows Mobile (Pocket PC)
Navigate to this page: Download and install vSnap. Run the program, select the folder to save images and tap "Capture".

Palm OS
Download and install Snap from this page: Run the program, tap "Enabled". You can now capture screenshots using the "Snap Key" you selected (You can choose from different hard keys from the list). If you want to capture more than one screenshots, uncheck "Auto Disable" (But don't forget to disable the program manually). Screenshots are saved to the memory card.

iPhone and iPod Touch
Press and hold the Home key and press Power key. Simple.

EPOC32 (Psion 5mx)
I know this platform is dead, but I wanted to include it. Like the iPhone OS, this feature is built-in. Just press SHIFT+CTRL+FN and S keys at the same time. A dialog box will appear and ask for a file name.

Symbian (s60)
I don't own any Symbian phones, so I will just link to another article about taking screenshots in s60:

Have some other platform or method to add? Don't hesitate to comment!

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