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15 reasons Psion 5mx is superior to Windows Mobile

Tim says WM is superior to iPhone, and I decided to create a similar list.

1. Higher screen resolution than most WM devices (WM:320x240, 5mx:640x240).
2. 5mx has a wide screen, and it can display more information at a time.
3. Most WM devices does not have a keyboard.
4. 5mx uses standard AA batteries. You don't need any chargers.
5. You can print documents. If you find any compatible printers.
6. 5mx can multitask too, but it rarely locks up.
7. 5mx have dedicated zoom buttons. You can zoom in/zoom out in most of the programs (including Opera web browser) in one step.
8. 5mx comes with preinstalled programming tool (OPL).
9. 5mx comes with a scientific calculator.
10. 5mx has dedicated buttons for sound recording (record, play and stop).
11. You can create alarm sounds using sound recorder.
12. 5mx comes with a program called Sketch. This is an equivalent of MS Paint.
13. There is a simple database application preinstalled.
14. Agenda application is much better than WM PIM suite. You can even add pictures and handwritten notes in agenda entries.
15. Clock application is better. You can set up to 8 alarms.


I know, 5mx does not have a color screen, WiFi, Bluetooth etc. This list is created to show what WM is missing. I can't believe in 2008 most of the WM PDA's have lower resolution than a PDA came out 9 years ago. And you need to buy a lot of applications for your WM device to match 5mx's built-in software.

My advice: Make VGA screens standard, redesign WM and add more software to the standard package.


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